Just 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) north of Winnipeg on the banks of the Red River is our sanctuary. It can be yours too. Our retreat and conference centre offers a range of meeting spaces, presentation equipment and comfortable rooms for overnight guests. We also provide meals and meeting snacks.

Whether you are planning a short gathering or a multi-day event, plan to escape to the banks of the Red River.


Meetings: We have a variety of meeting rooms available, one of which can accommodate up to __ people. To ensure your meeting goes smoothly we offer wifi, screens, flip charts, projectors and light controls.

Accommodation: Our clean and comfortable rooms provide a good night’s rest for your conference or retreat participants. There are __ shared rooms available and __ private rooms, meaning we can welcome __ people overnight. All are located in the same building as the dining room and meeting spaces, making the Centre the ideal solution for multi-day events, especially in colder weather.

Food: From delicious full meals to refreshments during your meetings, we ensure everyone is well-fed. Our chefs prepare exceptional food using the freshest ingredients and with sufficient notice they can work with most dietary concerns.

Grounds: One of the delights of having your meeting, conference or retreat at St. Ben’s is access to our spacious and manicured grounds. Head outside for a reflective walk, explore the banks of the river, sit on one of the many benches to pray and perhaps watch a nearby deer. Our landscaped property is a highlight of every event and is a nature reserve you simply don’t find within the city limits.

Worship: Our beautiful sanctuary is open to all. Participants are welcome to join the Sisters during our daily offices and at other times the chapel is available for private prayer and group worship.


Plan your next event away from the distractions of the city