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Making a decision about your vocation is one of the most important decisions you will make. It takes time and prayer, information, and guidance. In addition it involves what can be called “trial and error” with more emphasis on the “trial”.  If you are thinking about consecrated life as a sister, get to know some real-life sisters, ask them your questions, hear their stories, share some life with them.

And so we invite you to get to know us. If you feel drawn to this life, we will journey with you as you discern your future.

Elaura Lilienthal explores vocation at St. Ben’s.

Elaura Lilienthal explores vocation at St. Ben’s.

As a monastic community we share life “up close and personal”, that is, almost all of us live together and rub shoulders daily; we share a common table, pray three times daily, meet to make decisions and use our gifts to serve one another and others. Some sisters live their monastic life away from the monastery; they also minister by nursing and teaching.

What can be sweeter to us, dear ones, than this voice of the Lord inviting us? 
Behold, in His loving kindness the Lord shows the way of Life.
— St. Benedict
Sister Mele (right) is received as a novice

Sister Mele (right) is received as a novice

Together, we follow a rule of life which St. Benedict wrote, his day being the 6th century. The life he suggests there is for ordinary Christians who want to live a relationship with God and others in an extraordinary way.

A woman joining a monastic community prepares to live faithfully the Christian life within that particular monastery. In the monastic tradition, each sister freely makes a profession of stability, fidelity to the monastic way of life and obedience. By these promises, she commits herself to be rooted in Christ in the community, to listen to and respond to God daily, surrendering to the call of the Spirit for ongoing transformation and to serve the world in the ways she is gifted and called.

Download a brochure (pdf) about vocation.

Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.
— St. Benedict

If you would like to spend time with us at our monastery to continue discerning your vocation

Contact Sister Mary Coswin, OSB