Being an oblate is a way of life, a vocation

What is an oblate of St. Benedict

Benedictine oblates are Christian men and women who choose to commit themselves to the monastic values of prayer, community, hospitality and service and who are affiliated with a particular Benedictine monastery while continuing to live and work in their own homes, civic communities and and workplaces.

Our oblates are ecumenical coming from a variety of Christina traditions including Anglican, Lutheran, Mennonite, Catholic and more.

I became an oblate so I could learn how to pray.
— John Wiebe

Why become a Benedictine oblate?

Men and women become oblates as a call to live more deeply their Christian commitment through following the spirit of the rule of St. Benedict. There is a mutual enrichment between the monastic community and the oblate community as they seek God.

The community of oblates offers:

  • monthly meetings that include lectio devina, study of the Rule of St. Benedict or related topics, discussion and sharing

  • liturgy of the hours and a meal with the community following meetings

  • study sessions for oblate inquirers

  • an annual retreat

  • opportunity to participate in the Sisters’ community conference retreat

  • support of one another and of the monastic community

  • volunteer opportunities in the monastery and beyond




Join us in welcoming all as Christ

Do you want to be a part of Benedictine hospitality? We welcome volunteers at the Monastery and the Retreat and Conference Centre. Perhaps you have a gift that we need to complement ours and enhance our life and mission.

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Can you help us with…

gardening and grounds work


caring for houseplants

hospitality and phone reception

handyperson work with small repairs and painting

driving elderly sisters for health appointments

marketing Retreat Centre programs

Or do you have other gifts and talents? Contact us today to find out more about how you can find a place at St. Ben’s