spiritual direction

Meeting with a spiritual director to explore God’s loving presence in my life has been such a blessing. I have often found our meetings to be holy ground and I am so grateful for the compassion and wisdom they have offered me.
— Jane

Do you find yourself desiring a deeper relationship with God? Is your search for God at a crossroad?
 Do you want to explore new ways to pray or has prayer become difficult? Do you feel the need for someone to help in discerning the call of God for you?
 Do you desire a companion on the spiritual journey? If so, you may want to begin.

Spiritual direction is a ministry and a journey.

It is a relationship in which one God-seeker accompanies another in the process of growing in intimacy with God.


The focus of a spiritual direction relationship is the directee’s experience of the divine presence in her/his daily life of work, relationships and prayer. A director helps you to pay attention to God’s personal revelation and to respond to God.  Problems arise in each of our lives; these will inevitably affect our relationship with God and therefore, will arise in the spiritual direction sessions. Problem-solving, however, is not the focus of spiritual direction. God, in the life of the individual, is the focus.

Regular meetings with a spiritual director help one to notice God in one’s self, others, events and all of life.

What Happens During Spiritual Direction? You can expect a director to listen attentively and with reverence, to ask reflective questions and to help you notice movements in your life. Spiritual direction is a sacred time in which you talk about your relationship with God, self and others. Since we believe that God communicates through ordinary human experience, you will be urged to pay attention to your experience so as to notice God’s nudges, invitations, challenges and confirmations.

Is there a fee? During Retreat $25.00/session Ongoing regular direction $40.00 & up/session

How do I begin? Be in touch by phone or email and ask for one of the available directors. Set up an initial interview to talk over your desire and mutual expectations. If you are comfortable with this director, you can begin this journey of trust and deepening relationship with God and all creation.

For more information, please contact us!